is not original, since the media is just a term of life only, deceiving themselves. Why do I have this idea or opinion?

first, because I think the so-called media is simply to report their own media, which is its original intention. Then, the self is critical, is supposed to be the one and only, it is original, it is not only as a kind of conduct of people from the media, but also a force or tone, more of their own on a self. I think it’s time for me to do it. Only in this way, to attract fans is the most accurate, it is the most humane, obtained by other techniques of fans are not too reliable, not grok, what feelings? No feelings, talk about what really powder? Usually see some so-called micro marketing training with hundreds of strokes what method of powder skills Daquan, basically are fooled. I think these masters do not quite understand what is WeChat marketing, do not know what the real sense of the fans, or understand, but in order to get out of the money so loaded force, flicker. Because many of these methods are only a means to promote drainage, and the real fans are attracted by, but also based on emotional relationships or intersection. In fact, the attraction is essentially a feeling, a mood. So, the question is, how can we attract people to become your fans? That is to learn to create a good emotional pictures, there are a lot of skills, now do not intend to start speaking. Back to play from the media, the original is undoubtedly the best choice, because you are the output of your own information, and then others will have a direct perception of you, the heart and heart will be closer to the distance.

so now I can understand the original starting point for WeChat to encourage innovation. At the same time, those who always adhere to the original from the media who also sincerely admire. Even if no matter how the content, can adhere to the original itself this attitude is commendable. Sometimes, attitude first, ability second. Generally speaking, the attitude of the people can not be poor. I have a friend, but also after 93 entrepreneurs, also own the media, basically every day to write a original article, insist for a long time, now a book, also a lot of resources and opportunities for his own links, I feel inferior. In contrast, I am more determined to follow the road of pure original.

also, I have seen some of the so-called self media often reproduced articles, rarely own things, I think it can not be called from the media, do not feel the charm of his personality, is a public number only, is purely to do marketing pull the head, it is difficult to live the heart ring. This number is generally not high quality, to build their own brands will not have much practical significance. When the porter type sharing in the early operation in one or two under the innocuous, but after a little accumulated to fans the best return to the original, so I now choose to return to the original intention and dream, do it yourself, one can not copy not copy others, only love their own unique. To tell you the truth, I care about the number of fans

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