remember the last article of Cao Yong is "data sharing" trends in the development of marketing, marketing in the future, there are many webmaster, WeChat during the marketing of friends with Cao Yong WeChat asked me: user behavior data marketing in the end should be from what aspects, how to obtain better marketing results from the user’s behavior.? then this Cao Yong for everyone to share, hope to help those who do not know how to do marketing companies or personal data.

in the era of the Internet, whether it is business or personal in order to obtain the effect of marketing, then ultimately can not be separated from the user behavior research. In the era of dual (PC and mobile Internet), only understand user behavior, the user will know what is needed, you can do "an antidote against the disease". A simple example: a boss to buy pork without knowing whether the pork should be sold to someone, he would place the pork sold by children, right? Ask: children can buy pork? The answer is NO.

so the question is, how to do better in the marketing of data for the user to do marketing behavior?

first: user behavior research can do?

research on the user is able to thoroughly see what the user needs, which is the user needs analysis, such as:

who is currently using our products?

what are their characteristics?

what are some of the problems they can solve with our products?

is this problem very important to them,


what are the problems we need to solve in addition to solving their current problems, and in what circumstances do they use our products?


this is the user demand analysis, any enterprise in time to develop a product, have to undertake a study for the user groups, such as the demand, if you understand the importance of


analysis of user needs, but also for their own products, such as:

when users use our products, whether they can successfully solve their current problems?

is the use of our products simple enough?

users will encounter difficulties in the use of


users in the use of our products need to pay a high price?

users in the use of the product process, the product satisfaction?

what needs to be improved in our products?


do you see the dawn of success? Don’t worry, there are user behavior analysis, such as:

users are in the process of using the product

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