is engaged in network marketing for many years, the author has always been to do things in a customer oriented service attitude, but what really belongs to the customer first? In fact, sometimes it is not by saying can solve the problem, because only when you practice personally, you can understand what belongs to the service marketing.

case: military personnel from Tibet

remember when doing the Taobao in the past, there was a customer from Tibet, he was a soldier stationed there, probably because his girlfriend was in Lhasa for the sake of it, every time he was sure to the Taobao store bought a lot of skin care products, in accordance with the his argument is that he love those straightforward person, also become the old customers, and consume a total of 20 times, the total amount of consumption is almost 4000 yuan, so this time you might think, since the total amount of consumption has reached 4000 yuan net profit, then there are at least 1000.? in fact, when every time the author and the soldier friends to do business, is not to earn 15% of the profits, that is to say, although he has consumption reached 4000 yuan, in fact, I also can not earn him 6 00 yuan.

why is this? Is it I do not know how to do business? In fact some time to do business is to pay attention to some methods, such as Taobao have a Alipay, I believe we all know, if a large amount of time, then it is easy to press the way a lot of goods in transit, although these goods transportation time up to 10, 8 days to the country, but if there is pressure pressure where the goods, goods, so in a month, at least to put a lot of money to press in, also let us these small sellers turnover prone to problems.

but for the soldier friend, he is very kind hearted people, although the first time he and I do business with a sense of trust, and the ground for a long time before to transfer over, then I use the EMS express cargo transportation, because these things contain a lot of skin care liquid component, so can’t fly. Use only, train transport from Guangzhou to Lhasa, even if the use EMS is for several days and other things, but as long as the deal, then he will trust you, willing to wait patiently, like some people, is only the goods delayed by one day will immediately contact the owner, to and fro and two express telephone fee also lost a lot, there will also be a very depressed mood of the situation, this is different for different customers the psychological pressure.

active remittance 20 times, then 20 times the patient, although the profits space is very thin, always earn very little, purchase time and packing time and delivery time if you have actuarial words, then this business really is not very suitable to do, but at least it can increase the flow of capital turnover, to consider the question from this point of view, is still worth it, so do not know what the money business is willing.

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