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, The Inn Boutique and other tourist resort areas, to raise public investment institutions "colorful cast" announced from ener angel and share capital and investment three VC tens of millions of dollars Pre-A round of investment.


colorful cast by the former real estate fund investor Zhao Gengqian and Zhang Senhua co founded, by screening nationwide and around the world the best hotels, apartments and pension assets, to raise public investment fund + "mode, is committed to providing a way of life and asset allocation based on the public to raise product.


investment CEO Zhao Gengqian said that before the deadline, and voted to raise public online scale has exceeded 100 million, the total investment of nearly 1 billion projects to raise public. Different from the United States Realty Mogul, Fundrise and other standardized real estate to raise public mode, in addition to their colorful cast that will provide a cash return (mainly for the quarterly dividend), also provides consumer returns for investors (i.e. for free or a discount the way to rent live Hotel and the corresponding pension, future consumption in all the rights will be colorful investment projects to raise the realization of general).

at present, colorful vote to raise public projects across 15 provinces and cities in China, and expand to the United States, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and other countries. Has completed the project is famous brand hotel and inn, The Emperor, villa Wa Don Wa Sh, Asian duo, Yunshan Yosemite, Le ya, the poetry of Lili, landscape, Tibet, and other industries nakago puncog.

in today’s Internet financial innovation has been almost part of the P2P companies play bad or even play a notorious case, how to protect the interests of investors or people are most concerned about things.

in this regard, Zhao Gengqian said the investment will launch colorful asset side wind control SAAS solutions, online accumulated data clearly presented to investors by Fintech technology to improve the efficiency of risk control and project selection, which will work with colorful cast as adjustable collaborative force type line under the real estate fund, to further improve the investment and risk control system. "Instead of saying that we are the public to raise the platform, it is better to say that we are the direct mode of the Jingdong to raise public investment institutions, and not any project can be on our platform," said Zhao Gengqian.

in addition, Zhao Gengqian also said that it will also be with the investment platform for the public to raise the success of the project, "together with other investors, investors only earn money, we can earn money."

: Note: the relevant data in the financing information is provided by the company or investment company, the fixed point technology does not make any form of endorsement.


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