[TechWeb] reported on June 20th news, according to the Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court official website, Shenzhen science and Technology Co. v. the market supervision administration of Shenzhen City 260 million fine case, in June 21, 2016 9 in the morning, in the Guangdong High Court held a public hearing. Guangdong court trial broadcast network will broadcast live, Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. will serve as the third people to attend the trial.



March 18, 2014, Tencent Inc to the Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, said Nora company infringed upon the work involved in the dissemination of information network of its work, request to be investigated. In March 18, 2014, the market supervision administration of Shenzhen to Shenzhen Yantian apply for evidence preservation notary notary.

May 20, 2014, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau to Nora served the administrative punishment to inform the book. Nora company filed a hearing in May 23, 2014. June 17, 2014, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau held a hearing, Nora company, Tencent Inc each lawyer to participate in and express their views.

June 26, 2014, market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality to Shenzhen Ji [2014]123 words "prison penalty decision of administrative punishment", a decision, ordered to immediately stop the infringement; a fine of 260 million 148 thousand yuan, two to 3 times the amount of illegal business. The above decision book is stamped with the special case of Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau (011)".

Nora company refused to deal with the above decision, the statutory deadline for the Guangdong provincial Copyright Bureau to apply for administrative reconsideration. September 11, 2014, the Guangdong provincial copyright bureau made the administrative reconsideration decision to maintain the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau of administrative punishment decision. Our company within the statutory time limit, the prosecution to the Shenzhen Futian District people’s court, requesting the court to order the revocation of "administrative punishment decision".

November 6, 2014, the Futian District City People’s Court of Shenzhen transferred the case to the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court. Shenzhen intermediate people’s court to make (2014) the depth of the Sino French know the first word of the administrative decision No. second, dismissed Nora’s claims.

our company refused to accept the verdict, the market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality on matters involving administrative punishment powers, administrative procedure law and administrative punishment according to the lack of administrative punishment, the amount of improper grounds to appeal to the court, this court formed a collegial panel, decided to open the hearing of the case.

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