November 10th morning news, Research Report on information security research firm Recorded Future released on Monday shows that the Adobe Flash plug-in has become the most favoured target.

this study surveyed more than 100 hacking tools. These tools are embedded in the framework of the page, the user can automatically detect software vulnerabilities when browsing the web. Developers of these hacking tools are often employed by others to assist in the dissemination of specific malware.

in these tools found in the top 10 vulnerabilities, of which 8 targeted at Adobe Flash, and Adobe Flash is currently tens of millions of computers to play multimedia content.

Recorded Future concerns from January to September this year, popular hacking tools, such as Angeler, Neutrino and Nuclear Pack software vulnerabilities found, as well as hackers on the popular version of the discussion.

The findings of the

Recorded Future are similar to those of other information security researchers. The company pointed out that the Flash can provide a safe operating environment, this finding raises questions.


report said: "Adobe Flash has become a common way to attack crime, and the information security experts, malicious software is not surprising, but Adobe Flash triggered massive hacker attack."

through the code review, Adobe over the years has been trying to make Flash more secure. But for a 20 year history of the application, the optimization of information security has become a difficult task. Adobe is usually released every month Flash security updates, if necessary, will also be issued for zero day vulnerabilities emergency security updates.

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