children are the future of the motherland, the development of children is related to the future development of the motherland. It is during the summer vacation that the children in the city are busy going to cram school, after-school classes or traveling with their parents. In remote rural areas, the same time, there is a world of difference situation.

HiShop in the autumn of August, adhering to the "close to the user, create value, helps people, and seek common development!" the core values. In the rapid development of the company on the occasion, Yong when social responsibility, enthusiastic about public welfare. Positive response to "poor not poor education, the children suffer not from the call, in the HuaiHua Railway Station, Zhi River Red Net Forum love home volunteers, the HiShop team combined Red Net Forum love home, poverty-stricken areas to the city of Huaihua Bi Yong Zhen of the children, sent to their new semester activities and cultural activities, rich the children’s summer life.


forced by life, where the parents threw their children out to work, these children will become the people left behind children. They do not have cram school, no extra-curricular activities on the class, let alone travel with their parents, and even they do not even have new stationery…… Compared with the children in the city, it seems unfair to them.

in Huaihua Zhi River learned that there are 10 poor left-behind children, Hishop team first get in touch with the red net love home, and immediately organized person according to the funding situation, the purchase of stationery.


this is located in the Hishop Office of the project hope donation box, which is the Hishop staff of the children’s love, but also the source of love.


a complete set of stationery and stationery, each child has, I believe they will be more happy in the summer vacation.

as a result of a long way, can not be handed over to the hands of the hands of children love. Hishop team had to entrust Zhi River volunteers to help pass love. In Zhi River we received donations from volunteers, to immediately organize volunteers, went to Huaihua Zhi River Bi Yong Xiang Shao Tian Cun, would love to pass.


Zhi River volunteers will provide Hishop online system material onto the car, ready to start ~~~


arrived in Huaihua Zhi River Bi Yong Xiang Shao Tian Cun, the donation is about to begin, the children are so anxious.


funded stationery neatly placed on the scene, which is not only our love, but also the children’s ardent expectations.


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