the first principle is not to spend too much money:

      1, name card printing: name card, go out to collect information, or other activities at any time, do not forget to pass on the name card, formed a habit, accumulate slowly, when you send about 5 boxes, the effect is obvious.

      2, find shops cooperation have fame, for their free column and customer interaction and online marketing, with no website afraid, as long as there are people with have vitality. Your website will soon spread.

      3, if there is a shop publicity leaflets do propaganda, to find ways to do the exchange of resources, let him in the publicity on your website. For example, you can give them two months of free advertising on the forum, and later if they are advertising, etc..

      4, buy a few pieces of T-shirts in the printed on your website advertising, to friends and relatives, to make beautiful, cool, they love to wear out to promote your own personality, can also wear, oh well.

      5, if you have a little bit of money, you can recruit two staff to collect information (part-time can), so they wore T-shirts to collect high streets and back lanes classified information, just send the propaganda name card, this downtown one or two months (such as vacations), or go to a nearby school to find the students do part-time weekend and weekends first come first served, like very popular, every weekend to call and ask, is there a part-time job, huh, two-way propaganda, and soon your website name came up.

      6, if you do the forum, and play online games, online games to meet local master, they pull over, open area in their own forum, let them talk, exchange, get very those who play the game be in full swing, if you are on the station cafe, the there can be a play.

      7. What activities have you been doing lately? Free large efforts for their propaganda, in fact, is the opportunity to hype, people will pay attention to your site because of the matter.

      8, working with local media, if you have the ability to convince them.

      9, open up the column of complaint of the 315, make the place of a lot of people of the place of the person of two posters, let everybody come up complain. This is especially true when it comes to festivals.

      10, when it comes to festivals, festivals and more business opportunities, as long as it is a festival, are propaganda >

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