in May 12, 2008 14 when I was and I’ll try a free space station flying horse pioneer " " customer service about joining them about VIP, the price is 30/ 2G, universal space, settled the price. I’m going to town to the post office remittance, just go out "the sudden shock hit everywhere clang Bang chaos ring, everything was shaking, I first thought of the earthquake, quickly took out sprinted to the door on the ground, standing on the ground, even as the station in the surf swing, suddenly inexplicable fear will break apart from the earth. Hurry down, 5 minutes later, I had to stand up, or even simply do not go out to play mobile phone, short message is not sent out, in such a short time, I was from the information society fall on an island isolated from the outside world, do not know what sight the world happened simply, drama. Look at their home into a dream like general built next.

fortunately, parents were in the ground, the earthquake did not cause harm to them, but I do not have a trace of joy. Such a disaster is probably life in shadow, will never forget the door open during short and long journey, it seems that in a dream, it seems on the cotton heap, there seems to be no end, seems to be in a moment, everything will disappear in the air, if all that were in ruins. Tomorrow is what


suddenly feel that life is so fragile, so small, a wisp of wind will take it away, suddenly came up with an idea, in the end, we are living for what?. Who suddenly lost the next door neighbor, I wish you happy in the heaven, there is no inflation, there is no house, there is no earthquake… Really… Good horror, watching these I suddenly feel that life is precious, because we do not usually a little unhappy to hate him and the whole world, but not because of a little disadvantage to complain about the unfairness of God, we should have a tolerant heart, go all inclusive, should have a love to care and help, we should help the people. At noon yesterday uncle in Ziyang contacted me and my parents this morning, we drove a family of 3 (sister working in Jiangsu, Yangzhou) from Mianyang to Ziyang, to the uncle’s home, I hastened to the Internet to write down these feelings

!Here I would like to thank the

is to provide temporary tent village for our neighbors, to provide Rice porridge for us, thank you very much for the " I’ll try the free space station " customer service "flying horse pioneer" Sir, are you fine chat technology fooled me, let me go to the post office for you the remittance 30 dollars, let me out of this disaster! Thank you, gave me a second life


I think that peace is the true happiness! We hope this shocked the people of Sichuan soon! God bless China Our wills unite like a fortress. gongduonanguan!

webmaster network editor the first time to organize a special interview with the Webmaster:

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