[Abstract] in each round of financing in the past, the United States has Sequoia Capital figure.


this year, focus on business group purchase U.S. group will adjust their position as "platform" idle away in seeking pleasure


technology news (Tao Ran) December 22nd Beijing time news, today the news group has completed a new round of financing, financing amounting to US $700 million, lead investor Sequoia capital. After financing, the U.S. group net valuation of up to 5 billion yuan. In response to the rumors, Sequoia Capital Tencent technology, said Sequoia did not lead a new round of financing u.s.. At the same time, the United States and the United States on the group of science and technology, said the company did not know, the official did not release the news.

U.S. group in the past every round of financing, Sequoia Capital figure. U.S. mission network in 2010 on the line that year, it was Sequoia Capital A round of $12 million investment. July 2011 U.S. mission to get Alibaba and Sequoia Capital B round of $50 million investment. May 2014 news group received $300 million C round of financing, lead investor institutions for the pan the Atlantic capital, Sequoia Capital and Alibaba with investment, the U.S. group C round of financing valued at about $3 billion.

this year, focus on business group purchase U.S. group will adjust their position as "platform" at the beginning of a number of idle away in seeking pleasure, business line operations. On the one hand in the buy business cut into more market segments, including movie tickets and hotel business. On the other hand, have begun to reach the takeaway market, triggered a wave of fierce market competition. Earlier this year, the U.S. group CEO Wang Xingceng said the United States, the U.S. mission in 2014 will reach $40 billion turnover, revenue of $1 billion 900 million, an increase of more than 200%.

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