July 16th afternoon news, sources close to Taobao, Taobao will soon be large-scale recruitment of Taobao purchasing business operations personnel, which means that Taobao will be officially purchasing market force line.

at the beginning of this year, taobao.com officially announced, will enter the online retail, grocery store, supermarket, authorized stores, shops and other stores become the campus community taobao.com officially authorized purchasing stores, as does the Internet provide consumers with online shopping, recharge payment and other e-commerce services, and plans for more than 3 years in the country laying thousands of authorized stores.

the person to disclose, "Taobao purchasing business department will use the demand has been submitted to the relevant department of the HR, late next week will officially open recruitment. "In such a short time, a one-time recruitment of forty or fifty senior and senior operating personnel, there are nearly 50 people around the marketing staff, this is definitely for the first time at Taobao, Taobao said, now the business of purchasing department even ready to go to the line supermarket chain stores, and some good poaching retail line staff."

Sina Technology connection Taobao public and customer communication department, but the official declined to comment on this message, but said, Taobao has been paying attention to the line under the purchasing business."

industry insiders believe that Taobao announced the beginning of the line into the purchasing market, and then there is no big move, the massive recruitment of purchasing talent is a precursor to the market under the official purchasing force line.

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