today is September 24th, this weekend will usher in the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, in the country to celebrate the day, the local electricity supplier network will also usher in development opportunities, make the two preparations, I think the website in the past few days time mid autumn day in the traffic should be able to reach 3000+, we think about a a city has many users, and these users can bring the number of conversion, let us look at whether the local electric network is ready to double.

is ready for web themes and effects


‘s arrival would have a different theme of the site, you can watch every time the holidays logo search engine will find is not the same, even the search engine logo will change, then as a local electricity supplier website "theme and effects shouldn’t have new tricks? I think it is necessary. Users in the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is coming to your site or find fresh water, I think this will cause the user down, who do not want to have a strong festive atmosphere, so the first thing to double the arrival of the local electricity supplier website to do is ready" theme and site effects, in this in September 29th this evening is to upload to the website, if you are not ready, you should hurry up please design it.

is ready for site space or server

holiday is a hot spot, which is usually the weekend holiday is not the same, I believe that the holidays where electricity supplier website must be very hot, but I would like to ask in the popular before the arrival of the local electricity supplier website friends: are you ready for your server? Services to meet the needs of users you want to? A day May Day holiday traffic will be tens of thousands, the web server is a high requirement, if your site on this day because the server or space and open, open slowly, it is a waste of resources website, this is a kind of hard work yourself the waste. We can think about this scenario, the user A spotted a piece of clothes ready to pay, but open payment link found open, A users will buy


is ready to cooperate with the local supermarket

as a business website, I believe you have their own supply channels, but the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is not the same, it is very different from other festivals, the first holiday time, second family reunion, and this time is some cakes, appliances, living goods sales season, do not know if you supply enough inventory not, you do not know the suppliers can deliver the goods in time, these preparations are in need you to supervise, I suggest the best in the double before the arrival of some large supermarkets and local cooperation, preparation of material of these large supermarket is very full, I come next to the WAL-MART two super car today, and numerous materials piled up in the basement, I think these large supermarket goods should be prepared is complete, the local electricity supplier website is necessary and the supermarket together To do so

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