[Abstract] in the long run, the technology sector is still the largest potential growth area.


Tencent technology Ji Zhenyu January 23rd Silicon Valley report

at the beginning of 2016, the U.S. capital market in technology stocks experienced the worst start in technology stocks as the main constituent of the Nasdaq composite index, in the year two weeks before the transaction has fallen more than 10%.

this round of technology stocks fell mainly due to the heavy weight of the A-share market dragged down. In the Dow, S & P 500 and the NASDAQ three index weights in the big apple, so far this year has fallen by 2.4%, and is the highest point of the year has dropped by almost 30%. In addition, Intel, Google, Facebook, Amazon and other leading enterprises in their respective fields are almost spared, the cumulative decline of around 3%.

capital markets in the past few years the "pet", seems to instantly become a pariah". Two market valuation of the re adjustment, but also naturally affect the valuation and exit of the primary market. Although last year the amount of venture capital investment and scale hit the highest since the 2000 Internet bubble, but in the fourth quarter of the cooling trend has been very obvious.


analysts pointed out that because there is no need for short-term adjustment from the technology sector, in the long run, the technology industry is still the largest growth potential value, Google, Amazon, Facebook and other industry giants of the future performance is also worth looking forward to.

liquidity tightening and revaluation

this round down, not only make people worried about technology stocks boom is over. Overall, just in the past year, the U.S. stock market is mediocre, but the technology sector is A new force suddenly rises. rise rapidly. In fact, from 2009 since the end of the financial crisis, technology stocks has been the capital market "Darling", in other areas of science and technology of the industry Starving people fill the land., seems to be the only place to find the story of the capital.

But when the Intel

for the latest quarter unsatisfactory, apple iPhone cut production to cope with the decline in demand, YAHOO is facing the dilemma of transformation, a series of negative news, the market investors have to re-examine the technology sector valuation.

according to the analysis of the major investment institutions, the main reason for the decline in the following aspects: first, the Fed’s interest rate hike caused by the tightening of liquidity expectations. The Fed announced interest rates at the end of last year, the end of the financial crisis since super loose monetary policy into an interest rate rise cycle, rising liquidity tightening investors risk aversion. The second is the global macroeconomic situation, oil prices fell, China is in the economic transition, demand slowdown. Three is part of the analysis, technology heavyweights last year’s rally was too fierce, and operating income growth does not match.

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