according to my many years of experience, the key factors to improve the viscosity of the site users include:

      1, interest

      content directly related to the immediate interests of the user is the most attractive, one is to choose what content, the two is the frequency of these content needs. For example: B2B buyers purchasing information, raw material price information; shopping website promotion activities; financial investment websites or stock news. The greater the interest, the higher the frequency of interest, the more active the user will be.

      2, self correlation (interaction)

      and the higher the content of their own content, the greater the sensitivity, the faster the update, the more diversified the interaction, the higher the viscosity of the user. For example: the match between the male and female website, visitor records, evaluation; blog site visitors list, comments, visit statistics; shopping website new recommendation. People have the need to be recognized, accepted, and relied on, and many of the best 2 sites have done the most in this way and have achieved unprecedented success, such as MySpace, Douban, etc..

      3, ranking

      the list is the best performance of the natural human herd mentality, to meet the people’s curiosity, to watch, to be guided. For many sites, the list is almost daily visitors must see, an integral column. Such as: Dangdang books list, Sina popular blog list, download list, community hot list, mobile phone classification list, financial website investment list, and the list of Alexa, etc.. It can be said that there is no ranking information service website, is not a marketing website. The ranking method is closer to the user oriented standard, the more frequent the ranking update, the higher the user’s attention.

      4, client and multi channel

      successful websites have penetrated into the user’s desktop and mobile phone, the convenience of the client, not only improve the user viscosity, further cultivate the user habits, use habits, and establish brand loyalty, and establish exclusive barriers to competition. Such as: MSN Space Windows Live Writer alexa/, Baidu /google, Taobao toolbar Wangwang, 51ditu desktop map software. Historical experience has proven that the client is the Internet’s best monopoly tool, because a single user’s desktop resources are limited, in the same field, only the eldest brother, it is difficult to have a second child.


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