was a high school teacher, Blaine · J Che Kurt (left) and Aaron · Shedd Korotev (right) and founded the famous social networking site HowAboutWe

in mid 2012, Aaron · a new homepage design application for your site HowAboutWe de coro. HowAboutWe is a dating site established more than two years ago. HowAboutWe pioneered the online dating sites encourage people to act quickly, and will continue to the next line of fun concept, not only in the online selling eyes, hearts, clicks or private information. Shedd Korotev and his co-founder Blaine · Siqiekete, now focus on how to continue to enhance the feelings between lovers. However, it’s easier said than done. "We are facing a huge problem." J Che Kurt said, we can build a unified brand, our services throughout the whole process of marriage?

when you first open the HowAboutWe site, you will find the site’s home page is divided into two parts, for you to choose, the left is designed for single people, and the right is applicable to couples. The upper right corner of the page is a unified slogan: "friend,." (" Get together. together." Be)

When Shedd Korotev

to improve the design of the structure of the page, he said: "I remember the right hand corner is" love, love "(‘Fall in love stay, in love’), at that time I was really touched, it makes me feel very surprised. At that moment, I knew exactly what our company’s core mission was, and it felt so real that it felt like communicating with people."

this magical moment opens a new chapter in HowAboutWe. Now the two part of the site is both independent and unified. Since the early 2010 in New York on the line, in order to HowAboutWe Lovers Dating Services and service users has reached 2 million 300 thousand people, the dating website has been oriented to national and global 30 countries launched, and the couple "has landed in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco City, near the period covered Losangeles. The company has raised $22 million 300 thousand, currently has a full-time staff of 85 people.

‘s 30 bit old had no previous technical or business background. They are at the age of more than and 20, in the ordinary school, thinking of the curriculum, and trying to reform the education system ", as Shedd Korotev said," what do they want to realize the ambition "never thought.

a real dating App

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