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before the vote, the younger brother is a spoof of doggerel:

rolling data like water, spray big English hard. Market value turned empty, the Internet is still in, a few red sunset.

white hair is still in the Internet users, accustomed to see flicker hype. A blog network McCain coquettish, how many things have to pay the joke.


below is the introduction section, according to the surname arrangement:

Chen Tianqiao: 1973 was born, graduated from Fudan University, founded in 1999, Shanda, in 2000 China net $3 million investment. In 2001, Shanda has acted as an agent in the "legend", "new heroes", "crazy tanks" and other online games. In 2003, Softbank invested $40 million grand, listed on the nasdaq. Today, the market capitalization of about $2 billion 800 million, while Chen Tianqiao is ranked at the top of the list of 2007 domestic IT rich list of the world’s richest, the age of the top fifty IT richest in the list of fourth.

comments: Chen had the opportunity to succeed in the personal means. Although the net swims the harm to many teenagers, but can not be blamed on Chen Tianqiao’s fortune, and it should be in the hope of Shanda can better guide the online games market.

Ding Lei: born in 1971, graduated from Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology in 1993. In 1993 -1995 worked in Ningbo Telecommunication Bureau of Zhejiang Province, 1995 -1996 worked for the Sybase company in Guangzhou, 1996 -1997 at the Guangzhou Feijie company, founded in 1997, NetEase, the NetEase head. In the most difficult period, NetEase chose the online game, out of the storm. Today, the market value of about $2 billion 600 million NetEase, Ding Lei personal worth of 8 billion, ranking the richest domestic IT fifth.

comment: portal + online mode, the achievements of a large number of IT rich, Ding Lei is one of them. The past two years, this model seems to have encountered a bottleneck – we all play online games, and food is limited.

I am the separator


Robin Li: born in 1968 in Shanxi, graduated from Peking University in 1991, and then completed a master’s degree in Computer Science in the United states. 8 years in the United States, Robin Li grew up to a new generation of Internet technology experts. He designed the system for the Dow Jone am Co, so far has been widely used in the major companies of Wall Street website.

2000 Robin Li, Xu Yongxie $1 million 200 thousand venture capital, returned from the Silicon Valley in the United States, founded the Baidu Inc. After more than a year, Baidu quickly occupied the Chinese search engine market, becoming the most important search technology provider. August 2001, Baidu released the Beta version of the Baidu.com search, from the background of the service to provide independent search services,

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