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intern reporter Qin Anlan Beijing reported

April 13th, the national anti pornography working group office, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Public Security issued a notice, decided from April to mid November, a nationwide unified campaign to combat Internet pornographic information pornography & middot; net net 2014 special action, a comprehensive inventory of Online pornographic information.

this news to the entire network literature industry has brought an earthquake.

According to the twenty-first Century

Economic Herald reporter, there are more than 20 online literature websites inaccessible, including Baidu how cool bookstores, reading channel, sina 3G bookstores, reading network, huanjianshumeng site.

anonymity of a large domestic network literature website top to accept the twenty-first Century economic report said in an interview with reporters, the site is currently closed due to self correction behavior caused by the higher authorities of the special action.

is now the trend of the development of network literature is more and more channels and sites, there are many small sites in order to make money began to move towards the countryside, vulgar content transfer." Above literature website executives told reporters that the alleged violations of the contents of the industry in the book about 5%.

it is understood that each site, channels are doing their own shield under the frame processing, there is no large area because of the higher authorities ordered to close down the situation. "The news just released, alleged violations of the limits of content is not clear, so many websites temporarily shut down for rectification, but also do not want to to be ordered to shut down." Above literature website executives said that the whole industry on this matter are relatively heavy, if once because of a work was halted, the company’s business line on the paralyzed.


cannot be blamed entirely on many sites, after all, is the author of works written in the previous fifty chapters, if there is no problem, suddenly there is a chapter written off, the company may not be timely found; the investigation also needs a cycle, it is difficult to Chinese content through technical means to carry out the investigation." The literature website executives said, but large web sites with writers have agreed the terms of the contract, although the writers have the responsibility, but the platform will be responsible for joint liability.

AI media consulting CEO Zhang Yi told reporters that in addition to the contents of the naked yellow, as well as some of the contents of the site suspected of distorting the mainstream social values, etc., are within the scope of the special action. In recent years, the development of network literature is not standardized, in 2008 there had been a severe blow, but in recent years, the crackdown is not tough enough, so a lot of unhealthy breeding." Zhang Yi told reporters.

it is understood that the wireless side of the business model is based on the development of the business operators, due to the operator to read the base of the user are biased to the bottom, so the content will be relatively small white users.


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