Alexa a "clean" recently will be many Chinese website brush off, including yeskey, pconline, blogchina so big is no exception.Those who love

a lot, Alexa ranked IT elite Chinese presumably dumbfounded after all, they live as well as on pulling the dollar so easily scattered.

network elite too impetuous, not willing to sit down to do some things, are counting on overnight riches, but in fact, the myth flourishes although often staged in the China Internet industry and the other industries, but like a soap bubble, not for long.

Alexa of Chinese shattered the myth of the Internet is perhaps a reminder, that is, whose ranking is not important, it doesn’t matter how much the quality of the website ranking, and not by a Alexa ranking of the decision, we will do well to the website, users of the service, it is profitable market. Tao.

hope that China’s Internet does not appear second Alexa myth of idolatry, so, no one is good for

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