fiber cloud activity, flying star to hate, the Milky way dark. The annual traditional festival – the Tanabata Festival is coming! This is a small group of couples who are happy to sing a single cry of the holiday (hey why say). For businesses, this is a holiday marketing which is stronger there are mountain high mountain fight strategy Bureau quilt day.

in this hot pack melee downtown extraordinary the Qixi Festival marketing war, the demon God ghost instantly resorted to eighteen weapons, make you be taken by surprise. To tell the truth, not to break also really cannot well tear force.

market competition is dangerous, the situation is grim. However, the merchant, please don’t worry! A pig CMS for you to contribute, pack your combat invincible! Now introduce you to create CMS pig marketing tool — "who is my lover" game, gorgeous back against the Qixi Festival

!What is the operation principle of

"who is the lover of


businesses in the background to set the rules and activities of the activities of prizes. If you want to win the fans business awards, he must strive to win friends help yourself on my throne. Of course, the participants in the circle of friends not to shout out. Get the power value is high, the situation is more near holy throne, from the Grand Prix is near. Large scale sharing and forwarding, will bring the explosive spread of business marketing. At the same time, businesses can Meng Da rose pink.

friends impression small label creative unlimited you stick

friends labeled as "who is the most distinctive design lover" game. Fans can help to participate in the activities of the friends of the label affixed to the impression (up to 3). Tags can be deleted, but also original. At the same time, you can also view other people to a friend posted what (without the integrity label). A leading creative, fun, will attract a large number of fans of the fans, swept the circle of friends.

sharing banners custom statistics very clear

at the same time, businesses can share the title and description language custom "who is my lover". Create eye-catching share of the language, businesses have greater room for play. In addition, the number of fans on the rankings, forwarding number, booster value, the system can accurately and timely statistics and display (businesses can set the number of Top display). It is worth mentioning that fans can also view the proportion of men and women who help. Is the opposite sex good to explode or base friends special? Everything in the data.


advertising + promotional title both good awesome

who is the lover, slide slide head, is the preferred position to do business advertising advertising. In addition, businesses can also add publicity title. Interface with delicate and atmospheric effects, cool to fly


in addition to the above all kinds of carefully crafted marketing small details, "who is my lover" is also provided with a message authentication code function, in order to ensure the authenticity of the fans of information, to facilitate businesses on the marketing layout.

the Qixi Festival romantic lover to visit the moon. >

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