as a college after 80, employment pressure is always a topic we can not escape. But I feel very lucky, because the university I sleepwalk chose yourself with e-commerce professional don’t understand.

is really Misfortune may be an actual blessing. Before college, the basic did not contact the internet. That is to say, the real contact with the network or 04 years, it is too outdated. But it is their own learning is e-commerce, where can not contact the network. Remember the first time to enter the Internet cafes, students say I took the first thing is to register after the QQ, the students asked me nickname, I said on the IM bar. The name followed me for nearly a year.

gradually familiar with the network like, from the strange to leave. Began to have a strong interest in network technology, it is a pity that now they do not understand what is the JSP PHP. But I still do not give up the dedication of the professional love, especially when I began to hear a person, know a website, from where, after the Internet, e-commerce is destined to accompany my life. He should be an important part of my life. University will soon graduate, came to the foreign trade company responsible for network promotion. To be honest, I have a real promotion ability. Just know to write B2B platform, and then have some understanding of the search engine. With a few technical jargon to the boss. Well, we’ll take you as our head of e-commerce. To the company for three months, still on a remote future, because I know you want to mix a positive result in Hu Liang in the net, is not so easy. But I have a dream of college has not extinguished – must make a website to become a good webmaster. Although the University and several like-minded students do a few sites, but because of experience, technology and other reasons, it is too tender. So the website is only a tool to entertain us. At first, we want to be a campus community. Although in this area has been a red sea. But I have my own ideas, insist that we can do. We just want to operate a campus network platform to a media company. So far our key personnel are still operating the project. But I, as one of the backbone, but had to leave. Because I want mr.. So I was to get rid of the. Cause I know I dream I can’t go on. Can only go to the company to work.

now I write this article in the office, I want to say is that I will not give up the dream of being a good webmaster. This is the starting point of the dream, from the network promotion, I want to study network promotion techniques and skills, and a place where the content is the study of ADMIN5. we don’t doubt my ADMIN5 Joe ah. I don’t think people need me. Oh my dream from planning to a good site.

production enterprises in the company now I applied pump export, but facing restructuring, other products export agent. Let me plan a website, product design three categories, pump   >

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