first_imgWhether you are looking forward to Battlefield 3 for the single-player or multiplayer experience, October 25 still looks a very long way off, especially with the usual drought of games over the summer. Thankfully, there’s always someone willing to leak a bit of new information or footage to help pass the time.The latest leak is a substantial one, with nearly 4 minutes of multiplayer gameplay footage being captured and uploaded to YouTube, along with further videos appearing covering more specific areas of the multiplayer experience. How long these videos will remain live is anyone’s guess, but they have been up for long enough so as to allow a lot of people to grab them and make the footage available elsewhere if necessary.Fans of previous Battlefield games are going to be happy from what is one display here, and newcomers may be drawn away from the COD series just by the beauty of the Frostbite 2 engine alone.On display in the main video is a range of guns, a missle launcher, and a section of melee combat that seems to have a blocking feature, which could prove interesting. Add to that what looks to be a very large open map, plus we now have confirmation destructible environments won’t just be limited to single-player. Use of vehicles? Yes, that features too and there is footage of it included below.What you can’t help but notice is how good the game looks. The lighting, their transitions between interior and exterior environments, the smoke and explosion effects, plus the vegetation and sheer size of the environments should make for some stunning gun fights and memorable team games. And just like with COD, I expect YouTube to be filled with Battlefield 3 replay videos shortly after the game releases.Below are a couple more videos from the same YouTube account showing off sniper rifle use, shotguns, and vehicle use. Keep them coming, please. via UsamaFTW YouTube channellast_img

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