Post Bar marketing or rarely mentioned, although the promotion of Post Bar known, many people put Post Bar as a platform for the exchange, a little Post Bar, fire point like Li Yi, black silk, the inside of the number in the hundreds of thousands, the daily post refresh speed with a micro-blog fight. But can really make good use of this platform Post Bar, promotion of products, have a stable source of traffic every day, is the dry cargo. Today Wuhan yaoje technology website SEO and to share the dry cargo.


is the most common way is to promote the Post Bar day related to it, in a different account posting, replies, do a little better go see your posts are not deleted, then the next, but usually because of advertising stickers, so no one roof, but also to be scolded, so the effect of course poor. So how to make good use of post bar platform to do network marketing.

Post Bar Marketing, rose to a level, the marketing will start from the planning, including the positioning of the crowd, the topic, content, account number, skills, traffic prediction, the effect of prediction, etc.. Paste it marketing points:

precise positioning of the crowd

different products, so it is different from the corresponding, the operation will not be able to do. Like to do market research, you can tell you the complimentary way product to your customers, then get the information you want from them, users of age, occupation, income, hobbies, etc. so the area can help you effectively find the accurate user information, or through the QQ group simulation user access the needs of users in the course of conversation, and then set the product promotion plan for you, and this Post Bar marketing is just one of the many platforms.

topic content

positioning the crowd, it is necessary to determine the contents of the post. You want to post fire up, going to manufacture some products related to you, but not too obvious topic, make irrelevant but good people keep abreast of the top of your post, then slowly adding your advertising, so the associated user will get more attention, follow up effect, after a period of time to change the subject, to have a stable flow. Related to the skills that need to change the account, and then reply is better, there is no limit to the account level.

tools and manual

posting, replies are not only have a certain amount of guarantee, but also have a certain quality assurance, we must combine the manual post and tool post replies to cover your advertising information, but less accurate and high quality manual tools, large amount of coverage but the precision is relatively low, the combination of the 2 to make a stable flow.

effect prediction


day post replies 100 can begin to see the effect of thousands in order to have a stable and accurate 50~100 traffic sources. Just think that there are just so many IP on this platform, and then combined with micro-blog, forums, Q & A, SEO daily IP is predictable

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