recently had the opportunity to participate in the operation of a university campus BT resource station, and the team to operate the new station. Today I will talk about some of the ideas for this station operations.

this is a school station, the local area network environment for doing this kind of website is very good, the local area network between the client to transfer things quickly. Students in daily life, watching movies and TV series is one of the best entertainment. Operation of such a site, the operator must have the following conditions.

a. Campus server working environment

this point, must understand the server in the engine room environment and the school system, such as power, break and students work schedules, and schools should do server synchronization, that students can connect to the Internet at the same time will be on the campus of BT station.

two. Access to off campus resources and school resources

as a BT resource station, must have enough and can continue to update the resources, which test the operation of the resource channel. There is a big difference between the campus BT station and the traditional BT station, the BT station in the school, the resources are in the school LAN server and client. Traditional BT stations can be shared by seed, and the campus must be the seed in the server. So, this also has a channel and space problems need to be solved.

three. Transfer of resources

school resources must be brought in from outside the school, or directly downloaded from the school outside the school resources (which must be large enough bandwidth to support the daily update of resources). The transfer of resources is also a big problem in the operation of such a station. It’s not easy to be the fastest and the latest. Operators need careful pondering.

four. Release and update of resources

After the

resource has been on the campus resource server, the publishing group has to do is to do the kind and then release the update.

five. Website construction

The design and construction site of

must be based on the user experience, and the traditional site no difference, as the BT station, we must be more content and not disorderly, classification should be fine, the resources to clearly show home page, this is actually online there are many related procedures can be directly used. The key is to look at statistical data, do more analysis, strive to make it easy for users to visit.

six, website user interaction

campus website, is a strong interactive potential, of course, the excavation work must be responsible for the operator. Engage in activities is necessary, posting is necessary, communication is a must. It is not easy to do this, the key to the operator’s ability to plan and organize.

seven, operating cost control

There is a big drawback in

‘s resource station, which is the problem of resource storage, because all resources must be in the local area network

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