domestic small and medium-sized enterprises can really be put beyond count on the Internet business is not many brand protection consciousness is not enough, the Internet today saw a 2000 news that most of Fuzhou city famous enterprises and enterprise trademark international domain name was registered, those who registered enterprises want to really find brands customers are diverted to them to the company, although this news is 10 years ago, now there are still a lot of enterprise website is not necessarily in the Baidu search can achieve the first that explains what? Their brands have no way to do the first, let the other similar name in front of you see what the customers feel, because many of their domain names are long is not easy to remember, the customer is used to input such as Baidu Yan fanatics network studio clients don’t know yankt he will only enter Baidu Yan fanatics , and then click the first web site, if at this time just have the mentality of the competition in the first place, it is not caused by the loss of customers


a local enterprise network company please make a website is to ignore such? That the customer will Everfount phone and order? That would be wrong is a don’t understand the network marketing managers think the facts.

some CEOs may say that I do not need to rely on the site to the customer we have their own salesman just to know our company’s customers a look at the product site. Boss, what is the era of farmers will be QQ and micro-blog, not to use the Internet market to promote their products on out. Some companies will make the company clerk Gesanchaiwu from other big industry portal website or copy and paste the related articles are not that bad but the article or to carry out some false original processing such as title changes at the beginning of period and so on in their own language organization plus paragraph upset their company name, rather than full replication a better article can let Baidu think your article is written in their own company staff can also exercise the editing and writing ability, of course, best can not regularly update the pure original article.

now many Internet companies to the customer site construction enterprises regardless of site experience and future marketing, SEO, station animations and pictures of dazzling effects may not let marketing executives saw very beautiful not knowing that Baidu and other search engines for pictures and animation code cannot read no you know what is written above, to the enterprise so do the studio station when the pursuit of dynamic and not blindly feeling will consider the sustainable development of enterprises in the future site if Baidu is unable to find the address of your company do no good potential customers can’t find a small and medium sized enterprises can now from the era of search engines yet to come.

website to do a good job in the internal optimization of the mold is also a kind of article as far as possible every day to update the original what to do?. Said a simple point of the enterprise station is the external promotion of enterprise information and links. How to achieve efficient development of external links and information, corporate website promotion >

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