is a very complex business thing, see the ability and responsibility, skill and effort test. Silicon Valley early venture capital firm First Round Capital through the output of media content, hoping to better serve its investment start-up companies. Under the First Round Review reviews over the past year on the platform of the most influential man, condensed into 30 pieces of advice to entrepreneurs. We selected one more down to earth, Chinese joint venture capital environment and entrepreneurs need 15, hoping to provide a reference for you.

read the resume from the last line

bestselling author Walton School of business professor Adam Grant spent several years studying the "traitor" (originals). He doesn’t think he is hidebound leaders in a start-up company early essential skills.

a little trick is to look backwards from the last page of the resume, resume the last line of the beginning, there usually have hobbies, travel experience and interest of the candidate.

Grant suggests, "look for people with diverse backgrounds, a wide variety of cultural experiences, and a wide range of interests. Most HR managers are concerned about whether the candidate’s experience in a particular area is abundant, but the most influential is the breadth of experience".


study found that compared with other scientists, scientists won the Nobel prize for more participation in the field of art, such as the possibility they will instrument is two times that of the former, the probability of painting is 7 times that of the former, the possibility to write novels or poetry is 12 times of the latter, dancing, acting and magic it is 22 times of the latter.

"traitor" is actually a fusion of all interests. They are interdisciplinary creators, thinkers and activists. "

the "traitor" to put forward constructive views of the opposition. Not only can they point out that the king is not dressed, but he is a good tailor."

to be brave, but also elegant

Frederique Dame Uber, Photobucket and Yahoo served as the person responsible for the product, she suggested on the life and career path is:

first, you have to admit that life and career are closely linked.

second, pursue the things that make you happy as much as possible, not just social status. One way to do this is to choose your favorite boss and team work together.

finally, exercise how to be brave and elegant. "If you believe that no matter what happens, you will have a good time, what will happen?

is going forward to believe that he can handle all kinds of results, "Dame said," in the circle of science, people will not consider to be elegant. >

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