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sand town Suining county is located in the East, located in Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui Province at the junction of three, is a typical northern town, the total area of 66 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 17 administrative villages, 60 thousand of the population. Dongfengcun is one of the 17 administrative villages. There are more than 5 thousand people in the village.

radiation in neighboring Suqian Gengche town Gengche model under here engaged in recycling of waste plastics, so many people earn a lot of money, but in recent years it began to decline, recovery of medical waste even exposed by the media. The local government has made great determination, decided not to get rid of the reputation of the "shabby village" title.

let the villagers of Dongfengcun proud is that they are born with a business mind, whether it is made of waste plastic recycling business, is now engaged in Taobao furniture sales are doing online, full of sound and colour. Dongfengcun also has a "Taobao so make only superficial changes, the village" reputation.

village "net thing" furniture packaging posted Express single month four thousand or five thousand

in Dongfengcun, guarding a computer, knocking on the keyboard, a one kiss and buyers across the country to communicate, is the business of the villagers do something every day. But in 2006, the village people do not even understand what is the meaning of pro.

now, even on the age of the elderly, but also when the children have no time, with the computer board workers to write down the word "kiss", and then use a rough finger tapping button.

more than and 50 year old Wang Ruzhi is one, 2008 in the downtown Xuzhou riding on a tricycle to sell vegetables he saw his daughter opened a shop, busy every day, it will be at a low price sold back to the tricycle, sand town.

The income of 2000 yuan

Wang original every month, he and his wife enough to maintain life. Now, his main task is to work in his daughter’s factory, to help do the computer desk, TV cabinets and other furniture for packaging, and then turn the customer service information according to customer service, one posted on the express list.

for income, Lao Wang only smiled but did not reply. His daughter is very straightforward, "although it is their own store, but every month to give him four thousand or five thousand yuan living expenses." Hear her daughter said, the next Pharaoh, "much better than vegetables anyway."

Dongfengcun village, there are many like Pharaoh so. As the first person to give the sun sand in cold, has a guiding role should be said.

"when I first started, we didn’t understand. Later discovered that the business is so good, a door neighbor came to let me teach him." This let Sun Hanjiao how to open the shop is only a neighbor’s primary school culture, his success prompted the work of young people have returned.

is a primary school culture level people can shift the computer, earn hundreds of thousands every year. "

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