August 19th webmaster news, held in Beijing in 2010 China Internet Conference has entered the third day, the general assembly is nearing completion. This session of the general assembly, in addition to many Internet heavyweights to speech and wonderful interaction, micro-blog has become the biggest highlight of the scene interaction. In May 29th the laggards jointly organized and Comsenz community 2010 fifth Internet webmaster general assembly, Tencent and Sina two micro-blog wars is already full of highlights, with the help of iPad lottery attraction, both sides each side slide the screen, micro-blog launched the war, many owners also exposed face in order to be able to promote their own websites, the use of the hands of the computer and mobile phone to send micro-blog, questions to the guests, the scene broke the anecdote. The Internet Conference, micro-blog’s interactive effect is further extended to the extreme, the micro-blog keyword derived from the wall has become a hot topic of discussion in recent days.


on the wall to become a popular keyword


micro-blog on the top of the wall heat


Internet Conference micro-blog interactive live

called on the wall refers to the Internet users to send the relevant content of the general assembly of the Internet, the Internet will be transferred to the main venue of the conference on the micro-blog micro-blog screen to be publicly displayed. Internet conference organizers in order to better broadcast the contents of the conference, for the first time micro-blog live, and in the general assembly for the main venue of the Tencent micro-blog placed two broadcast screen.

August 18th, 2010 Chinese Internet Conference to enter the second day, allegedly spent 800 thousand yuan to get this Internet Conference exclusive micro-blog cooperation and qualified Tencent micro-blog, at the venue on both sides of the rostrum, or outside the walls, the layout of a large screen display, the friends all over the country through the micro-blog platform on general questions and comments real time show in front of the audience and guests. No matter where you are, as long as through micro-blog, you are able to "immersive" to participate in the interaction of the scene. "What does not matter, I just want to ‘wall’!" said. The audience’s assessment of micro-blog: micro-blog is the audience’s microphone!

in May, the general assembly, Sina micro-blog because of the advantages of the user experience, grab the limelight in the field of Tencent, so that there is no less effort Tencent eat a boring loss. The cost of millions of live coverage, hard to get angry to go Sina and Sohu. The launch of Sina and Sohu, Tencent may also be expected in the micro-blog will be fully overwhelmed himself, and its embarrassment than the direct exit to get the table. For the first time in the Internet Conference on the application of micro-blog media, Tencent micro-blog interactive performance has become recognized highlights. Yang Shuojin, chief editor of the first video, said: many chiefs are looking at the micro-blog wall, but also their own dig out the phone and IPad to the wall". "What content does not matter, I just want ‘on the wall’!". Not only is the scene to the friends and webmasters, even the Internet gangster >

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