Phoenix Technology News January 26th news, yesterday evening around 8:45, WeChat officially launched the first batch of advertising circle of friends, BMW, Coca-Cola, China vivo intelligent mobile phone three brand advertising in the circle of friends without user.

online advertising circle of friends yesterday evening, BMW Chinese is "the long-awaited, Wyatt is predictable," two words is very fit for everybody these days on the advertising circle of friends "expectations". Attached to the text to view the details of the link, is an introduction to the BMW HTML link; text is composed of the following six pictures Yue word.

Coca-Cola is the reunion of the year, it is necessary to Coca-Cola, the promotion of vivo smart phones is extremely happy to enjoy music, music tribute. With you, take every piece of music seriously." Also attached to the six pictures to promote VIVO mobile phone HiFi and intelligence.

and ordinary circle of friends news, WeChat advertising is also composed of text, pictures, etc., friends can be a point of praise, comments. If the user is not interested in advertising, you can also click on the upper right corner of the screen.


vivo team has yet to reveal the specific amount of the advertising, but reportedly in the millions. Earlier there was news that WeChat advertising circle of friends need cooperation threshold of 5 million, every day can reach 2 more than 100 million users of WeChat, a day on the income of up to 9 million yuan.

Tencent side said, for advertisers, circle of friends advertising will provide more detailed analysis of the effect of advertising in more dimensions to help advertisers achieve better results." In order to ensure that the user experience and the value of the user, the circle of friends advertising using a more intelligent technology, so not all users will see the same advertising, product logic is constantly optimized.

Tencent’s latest earnings report, as of the end of the third quarter of 2014, WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active accounts grew by 39% to $468 million. According to the spread of the Internet, WeChat advertising system, shows that the current total number of registered accounts of WeChat and WeChat up to 1 billion 120 million, the user will use the circle of friends in 76.4%.

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