link should be opened in a new window, or should be in the current window, has been controversial.

      once Baidu said that GOOGLE’s search results page in a new window to open the link is to learn the Baidu, many people laugh". However, the previous GOOGLE is indeed in the current window to open the structure of the page, and now for a new window. However, the GOOGLE ADSENSE is still open in the current window advertising results.

      then there is a link that we should choose a new window or the current window to open it? For a web site, in the end when to choose a new window, when to choose the current window?

      1, all choose a new window

      advantages: all new window, the user point links, the current browsing content will not be replaced, you do not need to move forward, back to see what they have seen.

      disadvantages: access for a while, you will find a large number of windows open, take up resources. Each window needs to be closed manually;

      2, all choose the current window

      advantages: you can always look at the contents of a window, will not open a lot of windows, will not take up too many resources. The window is only one off easily;

      disadvantages: when we need to look at the contents of a few pages, or need to look at the contrast, there is no way. Or you have to press SHIFT to click on the link.

      3, have the option to use a new window or the current window

      select: when the link is a list of properties, such as a Inder page, or a list of location links, use the new window; when the link are linear reading needs, using the current window.

      for example: the content of links, navigation links, channels within the extended reading links, the links are used for the new window; the next article in the list page, page label, the label / link, use the current window;

      advantages: can be more humane solution to the above two methods brought about by the constant. Will not increase the number of windows, and users can

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