is a local community grassroots media, portal is professional packaging, known as the media painted. One is a clothes horse saddle, portal, one local community can also shout: military and political leaders rather a kind of peace. This packaging caters to the customer’s appetite and caters to the principles of precision marketing. This is the characteristics of the times – the Internet advertisers understand the industry and theory, do not recognize grassroots media. The real value of the local community is actually a high viscosity and high interaction, lies in the true word of mouth spread, is the localization of human.

so, the way of the local community portal should go?

it is necessary for us to consider some of the deep features of the portal:

· portal = media. This media is actually the traditional media, the new media packaging like an old media. At the same time, we do not forget, BBS or other forms of community, but also the media, is grassroots, is the people, is a two-way media.

· media is not equal to news. The voice of the people in the local community life, and in the people’s livelihood, livelihood livelihood is taking. For business, the important information is information, not news. The news is passive, and the business information is often active, is the editor of active planning, active mining, active integration.

· media solutions and media or not, depending on the service industry. For example, the field of new homes, the media is extremely important; and the secondary housing area, the significance of the media is not.

· media significance lies in the professional and information aggregation, rather than the kaleidoscope portal. Wearing a coat of the door, keeping the fragmented information of the media, meaningless. Don’t be a hodgepodge feel portal


based on the above understanding, we can give local community media strategy recommendations:

, a local community media product strategy

portal’s core product is CMS (content management system). Good CMS do these things:

· integration of information content. This is the basic function, however, a good number of CMS can be based on the theme of the word from different dimensions of information integration to generate different new channels, the ability to focus on the template classification collection, can prompt the relevant news.

· external information management. Contains the partner news management and news source collection, editing using this function, will feel in a machine gun.

· flow evaluation and performance appraisal of editing.

· information style tools – take news information from art and technology, and give it back to the editor.

can be considered that CMS is the information processing workshop, including the original information warehouse, information processing production line and information processing management

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