: according to the Nene noisy broadcast network abruptly put the word red bend, and most people will think of the Red Net mentioned makeup, softly, awl face, giggle and flirt and business line. In fact, the continuous output of the content is the fundamental premise of the net red, from UGC to PGC is the key to the growth of the network red.

This is an official

content content marketing founder, three senior sand army in August 21st, in the second session of the red Mengjia feast · put forward all the red net red content Carnival views.

first, the continuous output of the content is a prerequisite for the net red

over the past more than and 10 years, the annual red endless network. The text field the baby Anne, Han Han, Lu Qi, Cai, hecaitou, Ronaldo was now in the limelight of people from the media, the business community has been active pan Zhou Hongyi star Yu Hongmin and other chiefs, have never thought of the video series started the beast called Yi star, Papi sauce, Wang fuck, there is a similar national husband Wang Sicong Mu Zimei roots Fengjie cross-border Master unremitting self-improvement.

Sha Jianjun said that all of these from the blog era, to the era of micro-blog, and then to the era of WeChat, a popular throughout the network and can continue to be a certain degree of heat, the basic content is the output of the master. They usually have their own ways of expressing, or write something to let users feel special goods, or image especially memorable.


there is no content output, but also push the top out of the event network celebrity, can not be regarded as the real meaning of the network red, they are just a short period of time a network of visitors. There are far to look cool fashion style known as "Xi Li Ge" pure refined beauty "fairy sister", near the emergence of the "most beautiful show cleaner", "the most beautiful teacher", "best driver". These people will soon fade out of public view because they don’t have a continuous output.

two, content output from UGC to PGC is the key to the growth of network red

on UGC and PGC, many are defined in the network, compared to the mainstream view UGC (User-generated Content) called user generated content and PGC (Professionally-generated Content), is specializing in the production of content.

This is the biggest problem

or law lies not in line with the classification standard of independent completely exhausted. Because the user may also start is very professional, such as the logic of thinking Luo fat, before making the video and WeChat, is a senior employee of CCTV, have done in the first financial observer program text, film and television, a very strong foundation, such as the current heady Papi sauce, Central Academy of Drama. So, to set the screenwriter, director, actor or post synthesis in a body.


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