China Textile Network is Sheng Sheng was acquired last year following the merger of "Chinese clothing net" shares "mechanical network of experts" after a big movement, so this action for at the beginning of the development of "the three for a" national clothing network have much impact? National clothing network operator but let the attitude of people in the industry understand. However, the recent action from the national clothing network, it seems that they really do not worry about the need for this event.

at the end of April the national garment net revision after the completion of the first phase, we can already see the strong momentum of the new station on the line less than a week, each channel page keyword has been in Baidu GOOGLE get good rankings, according to the National Garment Network insiders, the only version of SEO optimization is the implementation of the first step. Keyword selection, and this stage is not complete. If you look at the current momentum, those who have access to the ranking of the channel page keywords in the second phase of the third and the Chinese clothing network should be a high.

on the other hand, the Chinese textile market with the national network of clothing, although there is a cross for a textile industry for the garment industry can not form a positive competition.

according to some industry insiders believe the same industry at the same time there are two portals is a normal thing ", the national clothing network responsible person said:" China is the national garment and apparel net net real confrontation with the industry website, of course, a win-win situation is all hope to see

! "

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