province flow naturally as free flow, network operators and enterprises are now well versed in this point. January 16th, 17, the two day, European friends browser, Youku potatoes and 360, before and after the foot announced a free flow plan, free flow has become the recent hot words. "2014 will be a year of war." European friends browser CEO Song Lin said. At the same time, 360 executives also said to help users save traffic, or even free traffic, will inevitably become the trend of mobile internet.

from the provincial traffic into a free flow

announced oupeng browser before China Mobile users through Beijing oupeng browser free version Internet traffic, in the opening of free flow of services, in addition to watch the video and download the software will be free flow, free flow scheme is expected to European friends will be on the line after the spring festival.

subsequently announced that 360, 360 mobile phone assistant launched free flow area, just need to open 360 mobile phone assistant in the mobile phone, click on the "free flow" column, you can download all the free games and software inside. Whether the user’s mobile phone is 2G, 3G, or 4G network, the resulting download traffic will be free. It is reported that the first batch of activities to enjoy the Jiangsu telecom users, and then will gradually expand to the country, free flow activities from January 24th onwards, the permanent effect.

almost at the same time, people feel the most unlikely video site Youku potatoes also announced a temporary free flow scheme, Beijing mobile and Guangdong mobile 4G users in January 31st to February 6th, to see the video through Youku client, local traffic will be free of charge.

seems to be a time, these software from the competition provincial traffic into a free flow". Song Lin to the Beijing morning news reporter revealed that the user generated Internet traffic costs, will be jointly undertaken by European friends and China Mobile. 360 said that the user generated by the cost will be borne by the 360.

Internet companies grab users through the free flow

Internet companies and operators why start trading losses


first, you can see that in the case of the growing popularity of mobile Internet, the provincial traffic has become the most concerned about the user’s mobile internet. Looking for free WIFI in public places has become a habit of Internet users. Data show that 83.75% of users using mobile Internet packages, consumers will be able to check the flow of the use of the situation, we can see the flow of mobile Internet era has become the most concerned about the topic of the user. Therefore, Song Lin believes that for Internet companies, the cost of getting a new user in today’s environment has been quite high, Internet companies can get the market and users by way of free flow.

on the other hand, Song Lin believes that for operators, with the decline of voice service and 4G era, how to re enact the scientific traffic flow, training strategy and business users actively use traffic habits has become the key to market transformation. The telecommunications industry price war from the voice to the comprehensive traffic >

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