happy network founder Cheng Binghao (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Francisco April 7th news, today morning, happy net founder Cheng Binghao in 2012 China Internet webmaster annual meeting said that entrepreneurs should do a needle, the needle bar to open a market in the industry, through the thorns open a gap, expand the gap by word of mouth.

"happy net good friend buying and selling and grab a car to open the market, become the standard SNS website." Cheng Binghao said, happy network has been on the road to entrepreneurship. Many breakthroughs in China, the localization of innovation is done by small and medium-sized webmaster first, he learned a lot of things from the webmaster."

seems to Cheng Binghao, entrepreneurs should use word of mouth, the first user experience to achieve the ultimate, followed by increased product adhesion, promote the user consciously spread. In the early days, the site should have a high quality seed user groups. Entrepreneurs in the growth process should have talent, management, culture, opening up the four elements.

2012 the annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster was held at the Beijing International Conference Center today (). The theme of the meeting is to seek a win-win development of the community by boat to the Sea Cloud era, the issue includes the platform to start business, mobile new opportunities, win-win cloud era, etc..

in addition, Congress has placed on the Internet product demonstration and Internet marketing services two venue, and awarded the "Chinese most influential local community website", "the most influential Chinese vertical community website" series of awards.

following is happy network founder Cheng Binghao speech:

Cheng Binghao: today I’m very honored, because I know that most of the audience seated are small webmaster, I myself in the process of entrepreneurship and I used to work in Sina, I think that we learn from the webmaster very much. In fact, many large companies are doing very many products are paid too observant of conventional standards., people do too observant of conventional standards.. In fact, many breakthroughs in China’s innovation, a lot of localization of innovation, I see in fact, are small and medium-sized site owners do first. So, I used to learn a lot of things from a lot of small and medium-sized webmaster who, so I think I stand here today is very honored, I am very pleased to have this opportunity to share with you and exchange. In accordance with the requirements of the organizers, I will talk about some of the key processes of our business and some of our feelings. Before I start, I want to say, in fact, we feel that we are still on the road to a business, and we have a very long way to go, we may always be on the road to a business. I would also like to ask you to correct our criticism, but also hope that you are more concerned about our happy network, and more cooperation with us.

I want to begin from the origin of our business talk, 1998 Sina, 2003 when feeling when.

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