key words: Internet, security, investment, entrepreneurship

      speaker: Chairman of the Qihoo, angel investor Zhou Hongyi

      host: Liu Xingliang (MSN:htdsd (#); Email:xlliu (#)

      Organizer: TechWeb, magnanimous consulting

      time: August 28th (Tuesday) at 7:30-9:00

      location: Thunis International Conference Center on the first floor of ziyue Hall (see map below next to the east gate of Tsinghua University,


      cost: free

        flow: 7:30-8:00 guest keynote speech   8:00-9:00 theme PK, interactive

      guest introduction

      Zhou Hongyi   chairman of the Qihoo, angel investor

      June 2006 Zhou Hongyi officially appointed chairman of Qihoo

      Mr. Zhou Hongyi founded the angel investment fund in February 2006, is committed to helping more innovative enterprises access to development opportunities.

      in August 2005, Mr. Zhou Hongyi in charge of Yahoo China retire after winning merit, after 18 months of joining IDGVC, hope that over the years rolled Chinese experience in the local market, to help the domestic numerous small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve rapid development opportunities, and promote the development of the whole industry.

      November 2003, 3721 Yahoo Corp merger company, in March the following year, Mr. Zhou Hongyi officially became president of Yahoo China District, responsible for the overall development strategy of Yahoo China and 3721 of the company’s development and implementation of management plans. Under Zhou Hongyi, Yahoo China changed the previous five years of inaction, has launched a search network, 1G free e-mail, search for other Internet business in a year and a half, then more and more than a dozen well-known websites set up "email alliance", make YAHOO become a cover search, search engine and network real name, email, IM, portal portal > many business matrix

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