"weaning" day……

advertising, stop layoffs frequently, it reflects the group purchase net capital chain tension. At present, most are still in the "group purchase website lose money earn" era, if you can not get the follow-up financing, future closures are likely to emerge in group purchase "big" figure.

September China group purchase website "closures" has emerged, the largest shopping search Amoy network monitoring data show: in September more than 8% of the group purchase website has been in the 30 days not update the goods, that is to say at least September has more than 400 small group purchase website for various reasons or collapse after large-scale revision; "burn" the first half of the year, even if the group purchase "big brothers" are also not optimistic, after friends, happy group purchase layoffs, including Wo Wo Group, Groupon and other sites have begun a large-scale "optimization" company structure, the number of layoffs of more than 50%.

400 website January no update

can be found through the data, in September, the site is not optimistic about the performance of the group in the product update, only 38% of the group can maintain the site within a week to update the product. There are more than 54% of the site has been updated within 30 days of the action. It is worth noting that, in a group purchase website Amoy collected at present, at least 8% of the group purchase websites in January the goods are not updated, the current number of whole industry group purchase group purchase site more than 5000, that is to say in September at least 400 super group purchase website is a major adjustment, has stopped updating the website, or has been closed.

according to the third party group purchase website navigation collar mission network statistics, in September the domestic group purchase site closed the number as high as 419, as of the end of September 2011, there have been 1027 group purchase website in the fierce competition in the market, closed out group purchase nationwide, accounting for the total number of all operations group purchase site 18%, group purchase site closures has been formed also, which can further prove China group purchase industry has begun to reshuffle.

stop advertising frequently layoffs

third party monitoring data show that from the beginning of July, love the burn of the domestic group purchase sites began to stop advertising. The amount of the entire group to buy the advertising industry from July to more than 160 million yuan directly down to less than $100 million. Into August, buy site media advertising at around 60 million yuan, and then low innovation. According to industry sources, the current group buying site in TOP 10, at least 80% have been stopped in television, outdoor, building and other media advertising plan.


had high net friends, a happy group purchase large-scale layoffs, including Wo Wo Group, September Groupon website has embarked on a massive "optimization" action. Groupon traced to layoffs of more than 50%, while the proportion of layoffs Wo Wo Group or will be as high as 70%.


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