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from 1993 CCTV introduced from South Korea, began to envy", "what is love", "drama", and "bath shop men", to perfect just concluded "you come from the stars", reflects the development of Korean history. Hallyu, is like a "Butui fever", more and more serious, more and more hot, more and more popular. Of course, it is a "not retreat fever" category "Hallyu", also contains variety shows, celebrity interviews, and enjoys a high reputation of the combination of singing and dancing. At the present stage of the "Korean wave", is not a single, but a celebrity to the famous brand, and the model is more and more recognized and loved, popular range and gradually expand the korean. Korean, has become synonymous with fashion.

in the early introduction of the Korean people, for the thing itself — such as the Korean drama, such as Han Ying, have a certain curiosity. When the drama with emotion, Han Ying profoundly expose humanity, when the variety show with a relaxed lively funny atmosphere, for these things people will have a strong resonance and keen sense, then these things for actors, other things, have extended properties, this is the nature of empathy mentality. Why touch the red drama, because this drama is equal to the touch of red in the actors and other things. Because what people see is a moving plot, a profound state of the art, so it is natural to cast a sympathetic attitude into the actors and other things in the drama. For example, "brilliant legacy" is an inspirational Youth Drama, because of its positive energy and inspirational incentive effect, so people will have such feelings, into the drama actors in the body, because they "play", is a kind of phenomenon with the incentive effect and the effect of such youth inspirational corresponding things. Therefore, people will start for the actor itself, interest, then there will be the phenomenon of the Korean red red. It is not difficult to find out that almost all Korean dramas have a common characteristic, that is, because of the plot, the actors are welcome.

once the actors in the movie, the TV series, because of the role played by some of the sought after, there will be the so-called star effect. It can be said that South Korea is a very good campaign in the country, is also good at cultivating star country. Once the star, it will produce the corresponding star phenomenon. Star effect, can be regarded as the economic chain of soft power". Because, once the launch of the star, no matter what its respected brand of goods, like himself, will be sought after. This is obviously complementary. South Korea is very good for the promotion of goods in countries using the star effect, can be said by the Korean and Korean film after the "one-stop" follow-up mode, can see – Star signings, video and TV movies with commemorative jewelry and other things, as long as this.

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