over the years because of the Internet, but also after 95, and a large number of young entrepreneurs on the Internet entrepreneurs are the same age. Unwittingly became a number of young entrepreneurs entrepreneurial consultant. But many people with me through the recent exchange found that most entrepreneurs are taken for overnight, anxious state of mind to enter the field of entrepreneurship. How many years did it take for someone else to succeed, and you just want to reach their height in their early 20 years. Impetuous mentality spread throughout the internet.


low threshold of Internet become entrepreneurial choice

Compared with the traditional

Internet business venture, compression of the rent, purchase, labor costs, the young people’s choice. On the other hand, cheap rent, preferential policies have become an important factor. In the majority of young people seem to be proportional to the risk and investment funds, so the risk of the Internet has become an ideal choice for their hearts entrepreneurship.

everyone has a lot of reasons for a lot of stories, came to the crossroads of entrepreneurship, every time there are young people who want to ask my advice, I usually answer, do not blindly follow the trend, rational thinking. See those eager to show their own projects, O2O, C2C, P2P, delusional subversion mode, trying to go beyond Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, only a little meat are programmers. I seem to see myself. In your age, these ideas are very normal, I am also a person, but I hope you can be rational. But some friends still blindly follow the trend, rushed into the field, said young should be so. Really want to tell them, who is not young, but you are old?

as long as the venture, there will be risks, this is the truth. When you invest less money and resources into the Internet business, you think you earn, but more of the cost of your time. It’s a valuable way to invest your time in the future.

eager to become a common phenomenon of young entrepreneurs

, a college student to me crying, he was in a constant color platform play lost tens of thousands, tuition fees are lost. I asked him why he wanted to play. Because he heard people say it’s easy to make money. Fortunately, the tens of thousands of his family is nothing. If his family is a little poor, lost tuition, will inevitably suffer a lot of trauma. I think he only spent tens of thousands of Internet when tuition is OK, because playing s.s.c and bankrupt a few people. This old scam also the letter, because the nature of a corrupt word.

because of asymmetric information, he did not know this platform belongs to the black industry chain. He saw a lot of people in a group of people to make money, but who do not know those people are mostly chat platform support. In order to improve the conversion rate, the platform makes it possible for two people to chat with each other in a group of more than and 10 personalities. In order to improve the user’s platform

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