in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council, the Ministry of information industry in conjunction with the relevant departments from February this year, the joint launch of the centralized filing of Internet sites in china. At present, the vast majority of the site sponsor (ICP) has passed the Ministry of information industry ICP/IP address information for the record management system "(at website related information reported. However, there are still some sites do not fulfil the filing obligations, not retroactive formalities. In this regard, the Ministry of information industry has not yet go through formalities remind website organizer: must in June 30th before 24, concentrated to the record management system for filing the relevant information, fulfill the statutory duty of filing.

in July 1st has not been the host will be closed, not open

according to the "Internet information services management approach" (State Council Decree No. 292nd), "non operational Internet information service for the record management procedures" (order of the Ministry of information industry No. thirty-third) the relevant provisions of the province (autonomous regions and municipalities) communications authority will be temporarily closed to as of June 30th 24 has not prepared the relevant information to the record management the system at the site, notify the relevant access service provider to temporarily stop the access service. Telecommunication Management Bureau of Ministry of information industry relevant responsible person that was temporarily closed in July 10th 24 when the website must submit before filing procedures, otherwise it will be shut down. Close the site will bring inconvenience and impact to these website organizers, this is what we want to see results. Hope has not yet go through formalities as soon as possible the site sponsor in June 30th 24, to report the relevant information for the record management system, filing legal obligations, to engage in Internet information services.

access provider if you dare crime against the wind, the site did not record in July 1st has not yet been closed, the Ministry and authority have the right to stop its operation qualification.

recently became a hot issue for ICP website webmaster discussion, if a site no record was prepared to close, the Ministry since 2005 requires that all sites must be put on record, the year the Ministry finally hung up, then in May 12th the Ministry of Industry issued "on the strengthening of the Internet site for the record management work plan", required to complete all of the site did not record the record work of each access service providers before the end of June, because the site sponsor cannot be contacted or refused to cooperate with the record of work and other reasons, fails to complete the filing formalities, should stop to provide Internet access services for the.

July 1st, the major access providers have started to close without the filing of the site, you did not record or record number of webmaster webmaster can suffer not down. There are friends to find the stone than to think of a way, his website submitted for the record a month did not record down the results available off the stone to help him a result of a little trouble, please look at the picture:


ha ha, very rare! A website two record number.


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