[introduction] according to police statistics, Dong Xue’s cooperation, Dong Liangjie made at least 12 "frightful to the ear" false micro-blog

"in tap water pill, Nanjing pork lead exceed the standard", "Zhoushan hair mercury exceed the standard", a sensational micro-blog concocted, was actually a name of "environmentalists" patent holders under the banner of the merchant Dong and his ultimate goal is Luong KIET, water purifier sales production. And for the East, Xue Manzi (micro-blog). Xue Dong hair and terrible micro-blog guide forwarding, Dong soared in popularity, water purifier company reinvestment Xue dong. Yesterday, Beijing police disclosed that Dong Liangjie was detained on suspicion of affray.


will "clean water" King repeatedly rebuffed the


47 year old Dong Liangjie, Sina micro-blog’s identity as a micro nose and heavy metal filtration technology, bio ceramic technology inventor, micro ceramic environmental co-founder, more than 300 thousand fans. Public information, Dong Liangjie graduated from Shandong Agricultural University, after entering the Renmin University of China, double major in journalism. In 1999, Dong Liangjie to read along with the identity in a master’s degree from University of Hawaii, majoring in environment specialty. December 2008, Dong Liangjie returns.

, according to media reports, Dong Liangjie after returning to the founder of the Beijing ceramic micro environmental protection technology research center Co. Ltd., "project management is committed to micro nose heavy metal water treatment technology promotion and related environmental pollution". Police confirmed that Dong Liangjie in Beijing, Suzhou have a company, in Henan, there is a factory.

Dong Liangjie is also open shop selling water purification products on Taobao, monthly sales of 5 to $80 thousand. But in his view, this is not enough. Dong Liangjie said he was ambitious, hoping to do China water purifier industry Jobs".

in order to get attention, Dong Liangjie frequently participated in a variety of seminars, everywhere recommend their own patents, but no one has been concerned about, and no one is willing to invest.

hook big V

borrow haze to catch up with the increase in the influence of Xue Zi

in early 2011, Dong Liangjie found that micro-blog is a fast accumulation of popularity, to expand the influence of the shortcut, is a no spending platform. The Japanese nuclear pollution accident, the public began to pay attention to the environmental pollution, the environmental protection experts, the so-called Dong Liangjie returnees scholar registered micro-blog account "green Dong Liangjie", published on the environmental pollution of micro-blog, gradually gained some popularity, fans quickly rose to 30 thousand, the year in November, reached 80 thousand. However, this is still unable to meet the ambitions of Dong Liangjie, he will look at the big V who want to get their support, to enhance the influence.

‘s chance is coming soon. 2011, November, Xue Zi in the sun on a micro-blog own balcony fog photos. Dong Liangjie seize the opportunity to comment, said: This is haze, containing a large number of toxic PM2.5, >

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