Li Mingyuan graduated from Communication University of China in 2010, studying at CEIBS, with a master’s degree in business administration. After joining Baidu, served as Post Bar’s first product manager, in charge of Baidu, then the construction of Post Bar know, Wikipedia and other community product system, is also responsible for the early Baidu community content management system……

after Li Jiaoshou became the youngest vice president of Baidu Shuabing, today morning, former executive vice president of Microsoft’s global Qi Lu was appointed president and chief operating officer of Baidu group announced another shuabing.


compared to BAT in the other two executives of the Tencent of Wuhu, Ali eighteen "people talked about a partner with wind and rain, and finally, Gebendongxi story, the story of Baidu is more" airborne president "," airborne "vice president", the youngest vice president "," younger vice president".

today so ganqiao brush screen, big orange brother gave you check the story of Baidu, President and vice-president.

group president Lu odd

Lu graduated from Fudan University, received a Bachelor of Science Degree in computer science, after studying at Carnegie Mellon University, received a doctorate in computer science. In addition to a series of high-quality research papers published in the academic circles, Dr. Lu Qi holds more than 40 patents in the United states. 1998, Lu Qi joined Yahoo Corp, in 2007 was promoted to executive vice president of YAHOO. August 2008, Lu Qi left YAHOO, and in the following year in January officially joined Microsoft as president of network services group, in 2013 as the global executive vice president of Microsoft group. In Microsoft, he led a number of businesses including Microsoft Office, Office365, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, Lync, Skype, Bing, Bing, MSN and application of search advertising platform, which is the highest level of Chinese mainland in the position of the global technology company headquarters.

YAHOO 10 years, Microsoft for 8 years, Baidu a few years?

President Zhang Yaqin


Dr. Zhang Yaqin joined Baidu Inc in September 2014, as president, responsible for the technical system and emerging business groups.

Before Dr.

Zhang Yaqin joined Baidu, a former Microsoft Corp’s senior vice president and chairman of Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group, Microsoft Asia Research Institute (MSRA) founder, has served as president and chief scientist at Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft global vice president, chairman of Microsoft Chinese. In 2003, he created the Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering (ATC), for the IT industry’s technological innovation and products made outstanding contributions. 2004 Global Vice President of Microsoft Corp. In 2006, he founded the Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group

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