IPO market situation in the United States for Chinese companies is still very grim. Since the beginning of 2012, the successful listing of only vip.com and AQ group.

China company listed in the United States when will bottom out, turn? Is those eager to the person in charge of the enterprise urgently want to know. In this regard, the "First Financial Daily" reporter, before the New York Euronext group senior vice president and head of capital markets David A. Ethridge had an exclusive interview, he said that the bill financing enterprise President Obama signed in April this year "(bill JOBS), has been driven by a large number of American emerging growth companies (EGC JOBS) in the registration act, is also expected to have China company to seize this opportunity to consider the resumption of U.S. listing. It’s hard to predict when it will really recover, but 2013 could give an answer.

JOBS act opportunity

The biggest highlight of

effective JOBS act, is the annual sales income of less than $1 billion in emerging growth companies, the relaxation of the listing report, including over a period of five years are not required to meet the "Sarbanes Ake Leslie act" 404 (b) in terms of compliance requirements, and submitted to the SEC registration the documents, they only need to submit the past two years, instead of the required three years of audited financial report, also do not need to submit the financial data of the past five years in accordance with the current requirements, while IPO had publicly submitted documents can also be changed to secret submission etc..

though the act of the United States of small and medium enterprises financing support effect is more direct, but Ethridge believes that as long as the annual sales income of less than $1 billion to meet the requirements of global EGC, hope the United States listed companies, it can effectively reduce the costs of listing, the listing of the company to improve the flexibility of operation.

since April this year, signed into effect, in 2012 the success of the case is not much, and the listing is a long process, many companies wait until the year before considering IPO." Ethridge told reporters that in 2013 the bill is able to re drive the time window for Chinese companies to the United States IPO.

it is understood that the New York Euronext group and the American Venture Capital Association (NVCA), IPO group (IPO Taskforce) cooperation to jointly promote the JOBS act. The Act allows SMEs IPO file non secret submitted, whether the capital market to IPO information transparency, says Ethridge, "the document of each IPO release are disclosed, for listed companies, is not good, in fact the regulatory agencies to ensure that public investors can see public information ahead of time."

the Chinese market is very important

in the previous financial credit crisis, the stock price plummeted Yin

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