once fell into the trough of luxury electricity supplier and usher in a new vitality. Serves network relevant responsible person yesterday to the Beijing Daily reporter said, after four years from the B round of financing, the company has completed C $30 million round of financing, this financing in addition to business expansion, will also be used for pre IPO capital reserve. In the industry view, the international big name deregulation, as well as favorable policies for the industry, a new outlet for the development of luxury electricity supplier.

it is understood that the C round of financing amounted to $30 million, led Party voted for the Jardine LIAN, KPCB investment institutions and the original founding team with investment. Serves network said that the financing will be used to build shopping experience, consolidate the leading position of supply chain, strengthen the innovation and promotion of cross-border O2O listed before the capital to four aspects.

shows online or in the round of large-scale financing four years ago. In 2011, the network serves a $20 million investment in March of that year to get the largest risk investment institutions KPCB, and won the U.S. private equity fund Warburg B $100 million round of financing in August, created the highest record of financing of domestic electricity supplier. Luxury electricity supplier huge imagination has become the industry consensus. Not only was the same position in the luxury goods business of vip.com and LuxeHome network respectively to get a $50 million financing, including the exclusive network, temple library network, Tianpin net, poly mesh products, such as a public network for enterprises to join in the luxury business industry.

however, the immature market to the domestic luxury electricity supplier has brought a roller coaster development process. From the beginning of 2012, the domestic luxury electricity supplier began to collapse. Fifth Avenue luxury network CEO Sun Yafei said that a lot of capital reminders fire luxury business industry, but consumer confidence and consumption capacity is obviously insufficient, in addition to the big brands of luxury is not recognized, even by pricing factors such as friction.

in adverse market environment, a large number of cross-border electricity supplier or transition or death. Later in the popular vip.com brand Weihuo sale mode is by positioning transformation and then the luxury goods business.

seems to Sun Yafei, luxury electricity supplier is now described as the bottom of the development, but with the changing market environment, luxury electricity supplier is ushering in a new journey. Industry analysts said the investment side of the huge investment on network serves also shows that the future development of high-end space electricity supplier recognition.

CEO said Wenhong Ji Xiu, began to become the object of the cross-border electricity supplier of the support of the government last year, favorable policies continue, at the same time, developed by Taobao’s first generation of online shopping also began the pursuit of high-quality goods and services. In the view of Ji Wenhong, has accumulated many years of experience in the network serves the international supply chain, and the establishment of a unique and efficient supply and distribution system in Europe and the United states. In addition, serves network also has to strengthen cooperation with the brand. According to Ji Wenhong introduction, in cooperation with the network serves businesses currently has more than 600, exclusive of nearly 200 companies, more than 80% of the retail price of goods is lower than that of Hongkong, 65% of the retail price of goods below the United States and the United Kingdom.

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