believe that many people have seen the flying eagle, but few people would think of their flight principle. In fact, the birds fly by not only the wings of their own conditions, but they are also good at using the invisible factors such as airflow. In the end, everything is composed of tangible and intangible, such as a cup, a peripheral wall of the cup, there is also the middle of vanity, so that people can use it to drink water. The electronic commerce business too, many newcomers see their peers to make money, in order to save costs, will also follow the other way set up shop, goods shelves, but the operation after a period of time, but find it difficult to gain or scale cannot be compared with peers. If this is the case, it shows the problem of the intangible network system.

simple, tangible system is that people can directly see the picture design, product description, copy the consumer evaluation, or through a certain contact can be felt, as a professional degree, online consultation, customer service staff promotions to customer tracking means of after closing the customer maintenance measures, such as regular mail, wheat bags Mcglaughlin DM Journal of direct mail etc.. To sum up, the visible system is mainly to allow potential customers to obtain an intuitive, effective and systematic service.

invisible system is much more complex and contains more widely, which plays in the electronic commerce management role is no trivial matter. Chinese largest educational products mall — today’s network of excellence operations experts after a series of studies, found that the invisible shop system mainly includes the following five aspects.

one, the potential human nature of mining. No matter what the product sales network, the aim is to meet consumer demand in certain aspects. Therefore, if the operator wants to sell the product, it is necessary to fully study the human nature of the consumer, and according to the results of the study to select goods. Remember today ChinaHR speech products in front of the line, specially analyzed the needs of potential customers, found the requirements of eloquence training of white-collar crowd is fast and effective, so specially refined a 30 day training version to improve eloquence. Because of the accurate needs of the customer, so the product line, the white-collar workers, the elite crowd welcome. But if you are running an ordinary mall, just because the sale of such materials to see the good to sell, the effect will not be good.

second, the transformation of the transaction proposition. Even similar products, good business network will also come up with different trading ideas, this will create a unique shopping mall. The same is the sales of home appliances, 3C products, outstanding Jingdong mall is cheap, then Suning Appliance relies on the perfect ground sales outlets, stressed that he is genuine licensed, Quanguolianbao, local delivery, cash on delivery, has won a number of customers. So, in the network of e-commerce business, don’t be afraid of competition, but to plan a good trading ideas, so as to improve the competitiveness.

, the integration of resources. Pay attention to the integration of resources in business, electronic business

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