at least from the point of view of public opinion, just the past month may be music as the most difficult 30 days. Depending on the music video and mobile "family members" transferred personnel or structural adjustment, good music as sports as Domino next, also in layoffs storm, let LETV price in December 6th in the afternoon diving, fell 7.85%, the next morning depending on the music network announcement, said on December 7th opening date the temporary suspension, to be designated by the media company to disclose the relevant announcement after resumption.

– after all, this is undoubtedly exacerbated suspicions in the concentration of LETV, many onlookers and good eyes, over the past few years, LETV leap forward growth like a continuous inflatable balloon, the worst result is waiting for the loud noise.

last month the bitter, bad mouthing the sound of music that can be heard without end, it is not difficult to understand. But how to say, if you are not related to the interests of the people, and even his family members are not, or should be to look at – rather than eat the attitude of the masses to look at it. Just as Luo Yonghao said: in the evaluation of music is a matter of entrepreneurship is essentially a close call, to do business when going and not smooth, this is normal.

is fair to say, as a new species of the Internet is the birth of the soil, as the music with amazing speed, with capital for blood, at least to expand the possibility of a business model. Overview of performance over the past five years, the so-called "ecological model" is to enhance the company’s position in the industry in different areas — even as single handedly promoted the word "ecological" rationality in the context of Internet, attracted many companies to follow.


so how exactly? In my opinion, to a certain extent, now temporary setbacks, perhaps the reality of Jia Yueting once the sentence "a lot of Companies in focus".

new species ecological model, the lack of the necessary focus

recently, as the second largest shareholder of the capital Xin Xin capital founding partner has been strong to accept the Beijing News interview, said: as the strategic direction of the music as well, but there is a big problem in the order." In his view, the music as the most should be tilted to the music as the cloud and music as a super TV, rather than indifference". Specifically, in the seven ecological, some can be said but don’t do, such as cars; some can do but don’t say, such as VR, big data analysis, financial services; and music as television and music as the cloud is to say things to do.

well, back in history, from the early mobile phone video website, to television, to enter the sports, music, film and television, financial and many other tracks, even the bike to the car last year as Everything is contained therein., Luo Zhenyu said in a speech: "many of the traditional identification of the music as the boss, because they like. Music as the company is how it is to earn more than a few thousand dollars a month, what to do to make money."

in fact, at least in the logic of the past, the future of the Internet giant

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