seems to be ready for the listing of Feng Xin, at least three years of profit is enough.

recently, storm video (Beijing storm Polytron Technologies Inc) submitted to the Commission for the initial public offering of stock prospectus, ready gem listing. According to the prospectus, the proposed public offering of not more than 30 million shares, raising 510 million yuan, accounting for the total issued share capital of more than 25%, mainly for upgrading and expansion project definition video internet service platform, mobile terminal video service system development projects.

according to the storm, the main profit model is a typical video industry advertising model, the core source of income by providing comprehensive services to the main video free video users, to attract advertisers storm advertising. The main advertising way through the patch, pop, Tips, text links and other modes of. From the storm video released out of the list of large customers, Taobao, Jingdong, Baidu, yum has been a few years to stabilize could not move the first few large customers, the top five customers advertising level in more than ten million.

But compared to

and other video sites, storm profits over a single (more than 95% of its revenue from advertising), to three consecutive years of profit due to the video site did not participate in the burn wars, buy drama, homemade drama such as expanding bandwidth, did not participate in the storm.

may, in the future to continue to maintain this small-scale profitability, will become the main mode of survival storm.

once the rivers and lakes

now "control, control, control the British drama drama," Dad where to go to "control who may not understand the storm in the last generation of netizens’ status.

that is the transition from the cat era to the era of broadband, Download pirated movies gradually drive pirated discs. It is this model, the achievement of a number of outstanding domestic video player software. There is a satin spread, Ge You helpless in the movie "big shot" in Tucao: STHVCD is super piracy.

Although the RealPlayer

video file can play RMVB format, but the complex and heavy load and other computer users. The format is not supported, want to see 3gpmpgmovaviasfwmvflv and other formats to download software or special format converter. So the user wants a video player to kill all video formats, storm video came into being.

The initial

storm is a packaged foreign player source code and its simple work finished, and that time most of the software product, word of mouth almost is the main means of circulation. It is characterized by supporting multiple formats and saving resources. Later, more and more individuals and groups to join the ranks, homogenization of products in the market. 2007, storm video was eventually yuan

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