day before the news, May or the introduction of public equity raise guidance. It is understood that the revision of the securities law, the introduction of a number of rules or will have to promote the role of public ownership. Prior to March 28th, the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said that the Commission is to carry out intensive investigation of public ownership. The survey is for the public to raise equity business. Due to the public to raise a lot of model categories, different types of public raise how to set regulatory standards, which sector management, but also need to co-ordinate the decision.

equity congregation raised platform for everyone to vote founder Li Qunlin confirmed to reporters, after the Commission has to go to the company for research. "To research personnel, for the public to raise equity rules, mode and so on a very detailed understanding," Li Qunlin told reporters, "for the regulation of specific ideas is not a good guess, but regulators are generally supportive and encouraging attitude."

in fact, since 2011 around the congregation raised as a new form of financing in China since the rise of various forms of public offering endless. Not only have to publish all the congregation to raise books, singing congregation raised, as well as real estate, photovoltaic power plants and other large projects initiated by the congregation to raise. In addition, there is a public interest in the sensitive areas raised.

as the Zhongguancun Equity Association executive secretary, in March 4th this year, Yin Lizhi in the WeChat circle launched buy all the chips, and has been in the bustle of this project. "Now the number of people through the audit about 100 people, if not the number of control has probably been about 300 people." Yin Lizhi said.

innovation endless

called the congregation to raise, refers to the project sponsor to the Internet as a platform to focus on public funds, capacity and channels for small and micro enterprises or individuals to carry out a project or activities to provide financial assistance to the financing behavior.

from 2011, the first public to raise the site on the line, a lot of people to raise the form of endless. From Alibaba’s entertainment treasure, to all the people based on the acquaintance of the network to raise, and then to raise the public network, which involves all kinds of projects to raise the public. The use of WeChat initiated by Yin Lizhi to raise the public to buy a house is the industry known as the first public to buy a house.

Yin Lizhi to raise the public to buy a house project address selected in Hebei Province, ZOJE high-tech zones in Cangzhou. According to the reporter, in March 30th, ZOJE hi tech Zone and the Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association organized a number of intention to participate in the public to raise housing buyers to visit the field of high-tech ZOJE.

is involved in the purchase of the people I know, and are executives of financial or IT companies. The current price of about 3500 yuan per square meter. However, there may be surprises in the future, we may launch 1000 yuan / square meter house." Yin Lizhi told reporters.

as for the public to buy a house project how to make the middleman profit, Yin Lizhi said that now the model is just an exploration. As in >

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