news December 13th, a report from China Mobile, launched the "nationwide adverse information intelligent management system", China Mobile has filtering bad website 1 million 600 thousand, blocking pornographic websites 71907 domain names, and bad IP address 986. Among them, the China Mobile Guangdong company has a total of 7 billion 40 million pictures to identify the scan, found pornographic pictures of about 4000000.

earlier this year, enabled website bad information intelligent management system "of China Mobile in the country, and the establishment of the centralized management center in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai three, in the remaining 28 provinces / area / city building workstation. Data show that the system can scan 9 million pictures per day, filtering bad information picture of the 600 thousand, compared with the manual processing, the amount of savings of about 95%, the efficiency increased by 15000 times.

at the same time, China Mobile launched with the system to match the Internet flow control system, and automatically pass through the list of two systems to automatically block the blocking site.

in fact, China Mobile Guangdong company has started three years ago in 2007 to establish a pilot website bad information intelligent management system". Currently, the system scans 3 million 500 thousand pictures per day, scanning the web page of the more than 200 thousand, bad information filtering pictures of 400 thousand. In addition, China Mobile Guangdong company has launched the site navigation system, and provide navigation services based on user needs. It is understood that the site navigation system has more than 25 million monthly visits.

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