Sichuan News Network – Chengdu Daily reported on December 23rd but thought it was Baidu’s web page, enter search keywords, the content was full of pornographic information! Yesterday, readers call this hotline, said the discovery of a copycat version of the Baidu website on the Internet, but this "Baidu" search only pornographic information! Baidu PR department said yesterday that the porn search site did not have any relationship with them, the national Internet bad information reporting center yesterday received reports of phone, will be forwarded to the relevant departments and.

material: cottage Baidu specifically search color network

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yesterday Mr. Xu and friends in the online chat, a friend suddenly sent him a web site, said this is a copycat version of the Baidu website, "Mr. Xu to open the page and found that the website homepage really do like Baidu, home of the font, format and even Baidu Pinyin letters and feet LOGO as like as two peas. The difference is that the Chinese "Baidu" two characters into a "pornography" of the word, if not carefully look at, really think this is Baidu’s website. Mr. Xu tried to enter the search content on the site, to his surprise, this is really a search engine, search "all porn site, click can enter into porn sites directly. Mr Xu said: "this is not to facilitate the spread of pornography yet?"

reporter then according to Mr. Xu’s URL of the landing site, this site is highly similar with Baidu, its website license number for the Guangdong ICP license number 00624, but the reporter in the Ministry of industry and information technology ICP address information for the record management system when the query was told by the query information in the record library does not exist. Obviously, the producer uses a fake ICP card number. The reporter then found another name on the Internet – – color search, web site producer in the introduction of the site, said the color search is the first to provide free adult movies and pornographic novels and other information search engine. The website says: in order to we can do better, contain more rich content, please tell the website address that you know.

survey: making programs just for making money

this is known as the first pornographic search website was very "professional", the reporter entered the entertainment nowadays a popular figure in the name of Joe, "there are basically adult websites such as content about Joe kissing. The input "Andy Lau" three words, even more is the protagonist of the Yellow novel of Andy Lau. Even if the input is "securities", "financial crisis" and pornographic irrelevant keywords are the same, showing the content of pornographic information, without a web page is reported about the falling stock market and the financial crisis. In the input Chinese master, the word, the search engine was finally defeated, the page shows no relevant information".

reporter noted that the website maker in September had a trading post on the forum called 300 yuan to sell imitation Baidu search engine with a procedure called the whole station, independent search.

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