Chinese Internet companies for the first time as the evaluation object. Alibaba and Tencent due to a lot of innovation in the technology and location of the data center, in energy efficiency, respectively, to get C and D. But in terms of the actual action of renewable energy and foreign initiatives, still with apple, Google gap.


source: Vision China

to maintain the continuous operation of the Internet, electronic products, data centers and other infrastructure requires a lot of energy. If the total amount of electricity used by the Internet industry in the world, can be ranked sixth in the country’s electricity consumption.

January 10th, the international environmental organization Greenpeace released a "green cloud 2017" report (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), for the first time is listed as the evaluation object Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, in A-F score, total score were D, F, F. This is the eighth time since 2009, the organization released the report.

report on the United States, South Korea, China, a total of 15 technology companies to assess the use of energy.

Because the

continue to promote renewable energy power projects equal or larger landing, urges the government, the power sector and Internet industry upstream enterprises to use renewable energy, Apple Corp for three consecutive years was named A, Google (Google) and Facebook are two other scores for the A company.


report ranking

data center is the carrier of the Internet, but also the main force of electricity. China’s data center is equivalent to a year of electricity consumption in Heilongjiang Province in 2015.

"report" through the use of energy efficiency, renewable energy procurement, transparency of energy use, renewable energy use commitment, renewable energy initiatives five dimensions.

The weights of the above dimensions of

were 10%, 30%, 20%, 20% and 20%, respectively. In accordance with the same evaluation criteria, corporate performance will be obtained in each project A-F score, and get a total score, intended to reflect the major Internet companies in the specific performance of energy use.

The use of

energy for each transparency is whether the company discloses its cloud services (online operations) of the power consumption, and evaluate the power source; the use of renewable energy commitment for each enterprise whether public commitment to use 100% renewable energy, cloud services (online operation) power supply evaluation; energy use and efficiency and carbon (carbon mitigation) is for enterprises to reduce the infrastructure for the traditional coal-fired power generation energy demand, the proposed company policy and measurable results of implementation evaluation; renewable energy procurement for the enterprise at present cloud services is.

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